Topps Rivet Guard

Metal Roof Upgrade For Seams And Fasteners!

Leaking metal roof seams and fasteners are only the beginning of problems. Thermal movement with changing temperatures — expansion and contraction — works them loose. Winds and bad weather cause further destruction in a process that spells disaster, even premature roof replacement, unless addressed.

Now there's a solution. RivetGuard™, the popular product specifically designed for metal roofs, seals, caulks, and withstands great thermal movement with changing temperatures and more. The specially compounded man-made rubbers that elongate further when warm and needed most, become stronger in cold climates, keeping seams and fasteners sealed in all climates. Strong and elastic, RivetGuard fills and forms to all narrow metal roof gaps short of requiring retrofit panels and/or mechanical closure. So your roof adjusts as needed. Application leaves no voids. Locks fasteners firmly in place. Protects against rust and future failure at critical points, too.

No wrinkles, risks, or big labor expense left behind by using tapes.

Ideal All Weather Protection

From -40° to +140° F.

Built to Seal

Gelled body allows more material where needed most.

No Temporary Tapes – No Gaps.

The durability of 100% rubber.

Economical, Easy, Application

Goes on by spray, roofing brush, or 2-liter bottle.