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The Solatube story began in the 1980s when a lone Australian inventor created a product that revolutionized the way daylight was brought in to a building. Known as a TDD, this product was a compact and leak proof alternative to traditional skylights. After being patented, this device be came the first Solatube product ever sold and the catalyst that transformed the daylighting industry.

Since that time, Solatube International has continued to innovate with new and updated models; advanced optical technologies; daylight dimming,lighting and ventilation devices; and modular, performance-enhancing components. And there's more to come.

Browse the timeline below to see where we've been and where we're heading.

  • 1986 Applied for first patent
  • 1987 First prototype installed
  • 1991 First Solatube product sold
  • 1995 Spectralight 2000 Tubing released
  • 2000 Sola Master® Series launched
  • 2000 Patented Ray bender Technology introduced
  • 2000 Light Intercepting Transfer device unveiled
  • 2000 Brighten Up® Series launched
  • 2000 Solar Star® Attic Fans debuted
  • 2002 0-90 Degree Extension Tube rolled out
  • 2002 Spectralight Infinity Tubing unveiled
  • 2003 Daylight Dimmer launched
  • 2004 OptiView® Diffuser introduced
  • 2006 Cool Tube Technology rolled out
  • 2007 Patented Brighten Up Series updated
  • 2007 Light Tracker Reflector released
  • 2007 Ray bender 3000 Technology introduced
  • 2009 Sola Master Series extended with Solatube 750 DS model
  • 2011 Solatube Decorative Fixtures unveiled
  • 2012 Solatube Smart LED™ System launched
  • 2013 Sky Vault Series debuted
  • 2013 Sky Vault Amplifier rolled out
  • 2014 Ray bender HD Technology introduced
  • 2014 Sky Vault Collector launched