Acrylic VS Topps Seal

Makers of Topps Seal® ... with benefits that you can bank on!

Compare the physical properties of our water-free Topps Seal® to any water based acrylic you may be offered. Once you do, you too will agree that only Topps Seal roof coating provides you maximum features to protect. It is where value and your best protective option intersect.

Look. Compare. Decide.

What it Means


and economy with white over most finishes. Colors may require a 2nd coat.

Tensile Strength

The ability to hold together and avoid breaking.

Moisture Gain by Weight

Capacity to absorb (water) vs. protect.

Perm Factor

Resistance to moisture passing through the coating. A lower number shows greater moisture resistance.

Peel Adhesion

The comparative ability of the coating system to remain adhered to the roof surface under adverse conditions.

Tear Resistance

The higher the tear strength the greater resistance to withstand minor defects caused after installation, such as roof movement and foot traffic.

The Clear Choice

Acrylic Elastomeric Water-Based
Topps Seal® Elastomeric Water-Free