Topps Reflex and Wall Coating

ToppsĀ® ReFlex' Wall Coating

The Water-Free, Ultra-Flexible Protective Metal & Masonry Wall Finish

Moisture and weather invade tiny surface fissures of paints that break. Not so with ReFlex"".

ReFlexT', with over 825% ultimate elongation, provides unsurpassed ability to tolerate thermal movement, resisting cracking or checking that typically result in the failure of conventional finishes. The extremely low vapor permeability rate, coupled with enhanced resistance to moisture absorption, provides maximized ability to prevent damages of moisture penetration and rust. Made using the ToppsĀ® proven 100% rubber technology and ingredients of our world renowned Topps Sear coating.

The resulting beautiful, color-fast finish provides a durable seal against weather, UV, and all temperature swings. ReFlex" is ideal for exposures of commercial and industrial settings.

Excellent 1-coat coverage

and economy with white over most finishes. Colors may require a 2nd coat.

Coverage rate

of one gallon per 100 ft2 in a single coat by spray, brush, or roller.

Used on

metal and previously coated masonry or concrete block without need for primer. Use the Topps Clear Sea1TM primer first at 150-200 ft2 per gallon on uncoated masonry.


using mineral spirits or Stoddard solvent.

Intended for Commercial & Industrial Use Only