Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System

About Helios

Energy Saving, Cost Effective

Innovas Technologies' Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System is the key to energysaving, cost-effective heat exchanger tube cleaning for chillers and chilled water plants, manufacturing processes, refineries, and power generation plants. Conventional cleaning methods have proven to be impractical, since they require process shutdowns, use harmful chemicals and are expensive to execute.

Optimized Cooling Efficiency

Our online condenser cleaning technology prevents heat exchanger tubes from accumulating scale, biofilm, mud, or silt. Without Helios, deposits accumulate over time and degrade heat exchanger performance & efficiency, requiring annual off-line tube cleanings. With constantly clean tubes, many clients see a 10%-15% average improvement in energy efficiency.

Rapid Financial Returns

In addition to improved efficiency, the Helios system eliminates manual condenser cleaning, reduces corrosion and tube failures, and extends the useful life of heat exchangers, condensers, and chillers.