How Topps Stacks Up

Maintenance Benefits + Energy savings = Best Value

Save money and your roofs with Topps Seal water-free ultra elastomeric white protective roof coating.

Wrap energy savings and maintenance benefits into one!

  • Cools your roof- reduce cooling costs
  • Deflects harmful UV rays and defends against future attacks
  • A Cool roof protects your roof's vulnerable top layer from greater weathering, reduced future maintenance, and extends roof service life

Protective qualities of elastomeric coatings are measured best by the valuable physical properties they provide. These distinguish the service levels that you rely upon.

Compare the physical properties of our water-free industrial grade Topps seal to competitive water-based acrylics. Once you do, you too will see that only Topps seal offers you the best of all feathers to fight off the elements. It is where value and your best protective investment meet.