Through cutting edge technologies, 'Global Enersol' is pioneering a change in sustainability.

By following definite principles for sustaining finite resources as well as harnessing natural resources, we aim to offer products that are high in performance, which deliver value and are cost effective.

For sustainable development, our agenda is to develop/market products that merge human needs and development with proper utilization of natural resources, thus protecting our eco system at every milestone of our development.

Since natural resources are obtained from the environment, air, water, and the climate, they become our primary concern for protection and viability. With our vision for a greener planet, healthy communities with better living conditions, we endeavor to progress with our core fiber of "integrity, trust and evolution"

Environmental sustainability deals with how the natural surrounding endures and remains productive.It prompts us to design activities to preserve the life support systems on our planet. This entails using utilizing renewable energy, sustainable material supplies and conserve energy.

Shifting our focus to social development and environmental protection, we offer solar panels, unique roofing solutions, a reliable energy efficient roof coating to reduce heat and green gas emission especially in mega plants, and automatic tube cleansing system to strengthen our stance and be pioneers for change and sustainability. Clean air quality, with abundance of greenery and flora helps in the endurance of systems and processes.

Why Us


We relentlessly aspire to earn the trust of our client substantiating it with our action. Stringently adhering to a statue of transparency and ethics, we justify our client's entrustment. Our business practice keeps clients as the nucleus of our enterprise, protecting their interest and guarding their stake.


We advocate services and products to conserve energy. Offering composite solutions and cost-effective solutions, we attempt to match our client's needs. We are quick to respond to their queries and pursue customer satisfaction at all times. We apply the principles of Kaizen – Continuous improvement by constantly upgrading our daily business practices.


We bring advanced technologies for enhancement initiatives and organic / ecological advancement. We work in consonance with nature and adhere to an eco-friendly work culture. All our business practices are based on sustainability and building a better planet for the future generation. We protect our capital equipment.

Our Team

Chetan Ajmera

With 21 years of industrial experience, Chetan Ajmera is now flexing his 'green' knowledge in various range of initiatives.

He oversees the Finance and administration department for the smooth running of the company as well as supporting ethical and trustworthy business practices.

Drawing from his through exposure in the field, he applies learning into trading of products that drive ecological conservation to create a profound impact on the environment

Hiren Ajmera

With 14 years of experience in the sphere of Finance and Commerce across industries, Hiren Ajmera has developed an astute sense of business in this segment. Conventional in values yet progressive in thinking, his sharpand analytical mind is driven by high standards of ethics when it comes to conducting his trade.

With clarity and vision, he is constantly seeking newer vistas to realize greater heights for his organization.

Sanjay Sheth

Having a thorough yet diverse knowledge in technical and general administration domain, Sanjay Sheth brings his rich experience to the table. Working closely with premium companies, his business acumen was honed by handling critical areas with finesse and competence.

An avid reader, Sanjay loves road exploration trips with his family to add to his passion for history.

Eager activist of environment friendly programs, it was but natural for Sanjay to gravitate to renewable energy solutions. He aims to draft effective, commercial plans towards sustainability and protection of our ecosystem.