Perfecting daylight through innovation

  • High-performance daylight systems
  • Breakthrough optical technology
  • Not just another skylight

Energy savings & maintenance benefits into one!

  • Cools your roof – reduces cooling costs
  • Deflects harmful UV rays & defends against future attacks
  • Reduces further maintenance & extends roof service life

Optimized cooling efficiency

  • Improves energy efficiency of cooling systems
  • Prevents scale, fouling, biological life & corrosion
  • Reduces maintenance &downtime costs

Technology and Innovation, Saving Energy

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Daylight. Pure and bright, it's the most energy-efficient light source on the planet. It beautifully illuminates interior spaces, and drives human performance and satisfaction, while cutting energy costs and minimizing

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Topps Products has been delivering real value and the best roofing solutions in the industry to building owners and installers for over 25 years… all around the world. Discover how Topps can become your best option

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The Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System continuously cleans heat exchangers by circulating sponge balls through the heat exchanger tubes at programmed intervals, preventing residue, deposits,

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About us

"The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy"
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today when global warming and harmful emissions are a huge concern, the ideal way forward is sustainability. Adopting energy conservation practices and life enhancing measures through technological advances will bring about a gigantic change in the environment.

Bringing about such revolution is 'Global Enersol' a venture aiming to achieve a paradigm shift in life and living through by making conservation of energy mainstream.

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Why Us


We relentlessly aspire to earn the trust of our client substantiating it with our action. Stringently adhering to a statue of transparency and ethics, we justify our client's entrustment. Our business practice keeps clients as the nucleus of our enterprise, protecting their interest and guarding their stake.


We advocate services and products to conserve renewable energy. Offering composite solutions and cost-effective solutions, we attempt to match our client's needs. We are quick to respond to their queries and pursue customer satisfaction at all times. We apply the principles of Kaizen – Continuous improvement by constantly upgrading our daily business practices.


We bring advanced technologies for enhancement initiatives and organic / ecological advancement. We work in consonance with nature and adhere to an eco-friendly work culture. All our business practices are based on sustainability and building a better planet for the future generation. We protect our capital equipment.

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